Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom began in November 2000.  It is a God fearing, Christ centered church that believes the Bible is the Word of God .   

    The Church produces Proclamation! Magazine:  a full color magazine proclaiming the Kingdom of God; as well as several booklets including our Statement of Beliefs.

   An ACE (Active Christian Education) program has been designed to educate and train those within the church.  It is comprised of :  a men's and women's ALTER Club, a Single Adult Christian Club, A Crest Bearers Club for youth, and a CREST Club for children.

   A 30 second advertisement for Television has been produced and a 30 minute program is being developed.   Not less than 3 national tours have taken us from California to Florida.

    If you would like more information please refer to "Contact us"

About Us

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A Christian Church established on the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, given by Jesus Christ and confirmed by His chosen Apostles.

  • We do not follow the Jews, they have the oracles of God but they do not follow them.

  • We do not follow Church Councils established under the authority of the Roman Empire or church, they have often erred.

  • We do violence to no man but honor all men, to love the brotherhood.  Luke 3:14; 1 Peter 2:17

  • We accept the writings of the Anti-Nicean Fathers as historical documents demonstrating the evidence of what the original apostles and New Testament Christians observed.

  • We accept the writings of the Anti-Nicean Fathers as historical documents demonstrating  how the original Gospel was changed.

  • We do not follow any man or woman but believe Jesus Christ is the "Head" and founder of the church.