Statement of Beliefs: Is a brief tri-fold booklet explaining what Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom believes.

Doctrines of Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom: Is a more detailed booklet with scriptures as to what and why Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom believes as it does.

The Beast has Returned: this is a booklet which explains who the Beast of Revelation is and what is prophesied to happen in the near future.

The Last Supper, The Passover, and the Days of Unleavened Bread: Uses Biblical and historical evidence as to the validity of the Lord's Supper and the Lord's Passover.

Your Awesome Future: God's Plan for Mankind: Explains God's Great Plan for humans on this earth and what is in our future.

The Lord's Sabbath: This is a booklet which explains which day is the Lord's Sabbath, why it was created, what it means, and why we should observe it.


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The Flagship magazine: Proclamation! Printed in full color, proclaims the Kingdom of God to a world which desperately needs saving by Jesus Christ. It is not designed for intense doctrine but as an introduction to doctrines of the Bible. The subscription is free to those who request it.

The Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom produces several publications from its own printing and production department.