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Roderick Lewis is a 1999 graduate of Western Illinois University with a BA in Communication.  Mr. Lewis is a member of the professional organization PRSA, the Public Relations Society of America.

Mr. Lewis was interested in religion at an early age.  While in high school he led the Bible Bowl team that he captained to two straight regional titles.  Mr. Lewis is a 1999 graduate of Spokesman's Club International which was a faith based leadership club as well as the Co-Founder and the Co-Host of the "Celebration of Faith".

Mr. Lewis has demonstrated leadership while in college and in the work place.  And was named the Musician of the Year at John Wood Community College, a senator in the student senate, President of the Fine Arts Club, and recognized on the customer service wall of fame during his internship. 

Mr. Lewis now resides in Burleson, Texas where he is the President of the Board of Directors for Church Of God Proclaiming the Kingdom.  In addition to serving the Church as the President of the Board of Directors, he also serves as an elder, as the Managing Editor of Proclamation! Magazine, and is the Director of the Communication Department at the Church.  In addition,  Mr. Lewis has authored many articles and booklets including "God's Awesome Plan for Mankind." 

Can you picture a society that is without crime?  Without governmental corruption? Without children killing children?  Sir Thomas More wrote about just such a society in 1516.  The Society that he wrote about had no crime, no governmental corruption, and the children played happily all the day long.  Life in the society that More wrote of epitomized perfection.  In fact, Utopia is the name that he tagged to this perfect society.  Like many other writers, More had a since of irony.  In the Greek, Utopia means Nowhere.  That is where Utopia exists.

There have been many that have wanted to build this type of society, but it never works out the way that it was planned.  There would always be corruption, and the dream of a utopia turns into another nightmare, broken dreams that litter the trail of human civilizations.   

I am pleased to announce that there will be a utopia on this earth!  There will be a society without crime, with no governmental corruption.  Children will not kill children.  The society that Sir Thomas More wrote about will come to exist.  With the Church of God Proclaiming the Kingdom, the utopia that is coming is being announced.  It will not come through the efforts of man though.  It will come from the hand of the Almighty God.  The utopia of His Kingdom is written for us in Isaiah 11:6.  It tells us that the Lamb and the lion will lie down together and a child will lead them.  Nothing will hurt or destroy in this utopia.

The earth started as a utopia, only that utopia was somewhere and it was called the garden of Eden.  God had many trees in the garden; among them were two trees.  One tree was the tree of life and the other was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Adam and Eve took of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil-and the utopia that they were enjoying was cut off to all of mankind ever since.  There would be no hope for mankind to ever get back the Utopia that first existed unless there was a mitigating factor.  Jesus Christ would have to come to earth and give his own life to reconcile mankind to the Father.  He did this at Passover time. 

Passover commemorates the death of our savior and the reconciliation of mankind to the Father.  The days of unleavened bread symbolize the sinless life that we are to lead, and the righteousness of the body of Christ that was broken for our sins.  We are to walk in newness of life and a renewed sense of hope after we take the symbols.

The Feast of Pentecost is the day that the Holy Spirit was given to the Church.  It is also called the Feast of the First Fruits.  It looks forward to the day when all of the Saints of God will be preparing for the great resurrection of humanity.

The Spring Holy Days symbolize only the beginning of God's plan.  The plan finishes the year with the Fall Holy Day season, which will be discussed in a latter issue.

Sir Thomas More saw a vision of a perfect society where there was no crime, where there was no political corruption, where the children are at peace.  Sir Thomas More was right in the vision that he saw, but instead of calling that perfect place a utopia, he should have called it the Kingdom of God.

Message from the President